The Aquarius System

Aquarius Farm Controls puts you in control of growing season. Take the guesswork out of water management. Monitor and control your entire irrigation system from your computer or internet enabled device. View water statistics on your phone. Start or stop pumps with your iPad®. Control which fields receive water from your home computer. Instantly know the condition of your irrigation system at all times.

Field Tested — Operating hundreds of wells in the Mississippi Valley alone!  With additional installs in California, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Nebraska.

Aquarius pump control

Equipment Control & Monitoring

Remotely monitor and control diesel, natural gas, or electric pumps. Initiate start and stop routines, track run time, monitor oil pressure and fuel levels, etc. Valve controls direct water to the fields that need it. All functions accessible through the software, or manual override at the unit.

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Aquarius weather station

Weather Station & Moisture Sensors

Keep track of weather patterns, including rain, wind, temperature, UV exposure, and more. Soil moisture sensors indicate how much moisture is in the soil at any given time. Watch trends. Conserve resources by activating the irrigation systems only when needed.

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Aquarius farm network

Farm Network

Monitor and control all pumps, valves, soil sensors, and weather stations from the comfort of home. The equipment runs on solar power, with battery storage and backup, and communicates wirelessly, so setup is quick and easy. Robust communications technology keeps the network strong.

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Aquarius cloud data

Cloud Data

Your password-protected data resides on a secure cloud server, accessible through any internet enabled device. Login from anywhere. Rest assured, Aquarius uses the latest encryption technology to keep your data safe.

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Aquarius Reporting

Easy Reporting

Sensors generate readings every five minutes. All data is recorded and stored in your personal account to offer year-to-date, on-demand, and date-range reports. Easily generate year-end reports for NRCS submission with just a few clicks!

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