aQ2-Lite Pump Controller/Monitor

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The new Low-Cost Pump Control Solution

Take the guess work out of well pump control. The all-new aQ2-Lite controls and monitors both fossil fuel and electric well pumps, giving you up-to-the-minute insight into pump operation and health. Transmitted to your aQuarius Management Portal account, access data instantly on any web-enabled device, like your smartphone or tablet, putting the power to control your equipment, literally, in the palm of your hand.

Connect any of several optional add-ons to supercharge the aQ2-Lite and gain a complete overview of your pump functions and field conditions.

Standard Features

  • Real-Time notifications with change of status
  • Manage Electric/Fossil Fuel pump systems via aQuarius Management
  • Portal on any web-enabled device
  • Maintenance interval reminders
  • System status changes/faults, example: electric current out of range, unexpected shut off, fuel level low, RPM out of range
  • Timed run sessions, example: turn off in 3 hours
  • OTA software upgrades

Electric Motor Features

  • Run Verification – Electrical current reading live on portal
  • Remote Start/Stop electric motors
  • Utility power outage notification

Make the aQ2E-Lite even more powerful by adding the aQ-Receiver to receive and report field sensor data and the aQ-Flow Meter to monitor water flow.

Fossil Fuel Features

  • Run Verification – Engine RPM live on portal
  • Remote stop of fossil fuel motors
  • Crank battery voltage level

Add even more reporting capability to the aQ2F-Lite by adding the aQ-Fuel Level Sensor to monitor fuel level and consumption, the aQ-Solar kit to keep the cranking battery charged, the aQ-Receiver to receive and report field sensor data and the aQ-Flow Meter to monitor water flow.

Peace of Mind

The aQ2-Lite allows you to control and monitor your well pumps, no matter where you are. Spend your time wisely. By always knowing what your pumps are doing, you can attend to more pressing matters without traveling around to start, stop or check each one. Add field sensors to monitor soil and atmospheric conditions for even more data and peace of mind.

As long as you have internet access, you can see your pumps in the convenient aQuarius app. So, take that long overdue vacation knowing your farm is in good hands… yours.

Download the Brochure

Not ready to save time, labor and resources? No problem. Download the aQ2-Lite Well Controller/Monitor brochure to keep handy. When you are ready, our knowledgeable staff are always happy to assist you.

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