Cloud Network

Aquarius uses the power of the “cloud” to control and keep track of the entire system. Powerful servers secure and serve your data to any internet enabled device.

Secure Data

Each pump, weather station, soil monitor and water level meter “check in” on a timed basis, transmitting status reports to the cloud servers. All telemetry data is stored off-site, so you never have to worry about losing any data, even if lightning strikes a transmitter.

Set your own login and password when the system is setup. We keep your information secure using the latest security and encryption software. Trust Aquarius to protect your data and keep the system running.

Access Anywhere

The Aquarius control system is internet based, so you’re never far away from your farm. Anywhere you have internet access, you can view and control the system. Even if you take a vacation, you can turn pumps on and off with your smartphone from anywhere on the planet.