Computer Interface

Aquarius Farm Controls is all about control; control of your well pumps, control of resources, control of your time. The Aquarius computer interface brings the whole system together to put that control in your hands… literally.

Once the Aquarius components are installed on your farm, the team creates your own personal account on a cloud server. Your password-protected information will be accessible through any internet enabled device, such as your home computer, smart phone, or even an iPadĀ® or other tablet. If the device can open an internet browser, you can control your irrigation system.

Aquarius operates like a webpage. You set your login and password, so your data is secure. Only you and anyone you designate will have access to your equipment and data.

  • View the status of every pump on your system at a glance
  • Locate the equipment on a map
  • Start and stop pumps
  • Stop every pump on your system with the ALL STOP button
  • View resource usage data over any time interval
  • View pump usage data
  • Monitor fuel levels and engine vitals
  • Export data in PDF or CSV format for printing or spreadsheet use