Weather Station

Sure, you can look out your window to see what the weather is like right now, but the Aquarius wireless weather station keeps track of weather patterns throughout the year. Broadcasting data every five minutes, the weather station offers accurate weather data to help plan when your crops need water.

Track rainfall amounts, wind speed, ambient temperature, UV exposure, and more. The accumulated data, coupled with soil data, indicate when and how much water to apply. Conserve resources by activating the irrigation systems only when needed.

Each weather station runs on solar power, with battery storage and backup, and communicates wirelessly, so setup is quick and easy.

Wireless Weather Station

High-tech weather station indicates relevant statistics to assist in predicting when to apply water.

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Gust
  • Wind Direction
  • Precipitation rate and accumulation
  • Solar radiation
  • Dew Point